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National Mincemeat Day - 2021-10-26
What is National Mincemeat Day?
This year, let us celebrate the day where we all enjoy a delicious English recipe from 15th-century. It is called "mincemeat." It was first used as a way to preserve meat and fruit for the winter, but now we just eat it. Mincemeat originated as a way to preserve meat without the need for salting or smoking. It was first used to make mince pies, which were adopted by bakers and became a part of Christmas dinner. In some families, mincemeat pies still find a place at the dinner table. In modern recipes, mincemeat is only made with fruit, sometimes with liquor as an added ingredient. How about trying a mincemeat pie on Mincemeat Day? After all, you've heard stories about it from your grandparents, or maybe even read about it in a book. But, if you've never tried one, Mincemeat Day would be the perfect day to do so.
When is National Mincemeat Day?
National Mincemeat Pie Day is an annual observance celebrated on October 26th of each year.
History of National Mincemeat Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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