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National Mississippi Day - 2021-11-30
What is National Mississippi Day?
In Mississippi, you can find the world's leading producer of pond-raised catfish and cotton that is second only to Texas. The historic Gulf Coast from Biloxi all the way up through Henderson Point makes it a hot spot for fishermen! The state of Mississippi is a historic hotspot that has played an integral role in US history. From the Civil War to their own monuments, there's no shortage for things to do and see here! Mississippi was the 20th state to join the Union, but despite launching an ambitious promotional campaign with buttons and posters sending thousands of postcards out across America for people's celebration of their centennial they were unable to hold on until 1817 due World War I.
When is National Mississippi Day?
Celebrated on 30th November is National Mississippi Day
History of National Mississippi Day
In 1820, Governor John Reynolds signed a resolution designating November 30th as Mississippi Day. Although originally intended to commemorate the creation of this state in 1817 and its admission into Confederation with Georgia on February 23rd 1799 - four years before Tennessee became ours-, today it serves as not only an opportunity for us Mississippians celebrate our rich history but also recognize those who have made contributions both great & small against all odds throughout time here at home!
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