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National Moldy Cheese Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Moldy Cheese Day?
Is there a piece of moldy cheese lurking in the back of your fridge? That’s not cheese making. Cheese making is an art form that dates to ancient Egyptian times. We can see this in instructional murals on tomb walls. Moldy or blue cheese is made using bacteria and mold spores that cause the cheese to rot. The true art lies in controlling the rot to create the perfect stinky blue cheese. There are many types of moldy cheese. The most popular types are Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort, Brie, and Camembert. Cheese plates with crackers and fruits are popular snacks for parties. Visit your favorite deli this National Moldy Cheese Day and experience moldy cheese. Try a new blue cheese that you haven’t before. Host a cheese tasting party for friends on National Moldy Cheese Day and spread some cheesy love.
When is National Moldy Cheese Day?
Each year, on October 9th, we celebrate National Moldy Cheese Day to recognize the craft and art of cheese making.
History of National Moldy Cheese Day
We do not know who founded National Moldy Cheese Day.
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