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National Mother Goose Day - 2021-05-01
What is National Mother Goose Day?
Imagine a day in May to honor Mother Goose. This fictitious character is often described as an old countrywoman wearing a tall hat and shawl, but also sometimes depicted as a goose wearing a bonnet. Fairy tales help young people develop reading skills, so it is important to read these stories to children. In 1987 the International Board on Books for Young People decided that fairy tales were so important that a day needed to be established to promote reading. It was decided that Mother Goose and fairy tales would be the focus of this day. The Mother Goose’s Melody book is one of the most famous children’s books of all time. The book is full of poems and rhymes that children have been enjoying for hundreds of years. It was published in 1781, but over a century later, it was renamed National Mother Goose Day. The creator, Gloria Delamar, wrote a book about the history of Mother Goose at the same time. The book is called ‘From Nursery to Literature.’ How to celebrate National Mother Goose Day? Take a drive down Nostalgia Rd. Visit the old nursery rhymes and stories of your youth. That’s just the beginning. Read nursery rhymes to your children or grandchildren before bedtime, or to your neighbors’ children.  
When is National Mother Goose Day?
National Mother Goose Day is an annual celebration held on May 1st.
History of National Mother Goose Day
Charles Perrault is often credited with the creation of fairy tales. His 1695 collection marked the first authenticated starting-point for the Mother Goose stories. He is also believed to be the initiator of the fairy tale genre.
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