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National Mother-in-Law Day - 2021-10-24
What is National Mother-in-Law Day?
Does she criticise everything about you? The way you raise your kids? The way you drive your car? The way you burned her steak on the barbecue? Put those aside on National Mother-In-Law Day. Like Mother’s Day in May, National Mother-In-Law Day honors the "second mom" in our lives. Your children are probably more loved by her than she did her own children. She's the babysitter you call, the one your children adore and the one that always leaves your home spotless. Celebrate your mother-in-law and her support of her children’s families. She has a special place in your family - and will be around for decades. Make the most of her advice, care, support, and love.
When is National Mother-in-Law Day?
Mother-in-law. The butt of many jokes from sons-in-law. But, they have a special place in our lives. The best special place is far, far, away from our homes. On National Mother-In-Law Day, loving sons- and daughters-in-law shower their mothers-in-law with love on the fourth Sunday of October each year.
History of National Mother-in-Law Day
An Amarillo, Texas newspaper editor called Gene Howe is regarded as the founder of this national day on March 5, 1934. In the 1970s, the American Society of Florists proclaimed the last Sunday of October to be National Mother-In-Law Day and this date has stuck ever since.
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