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National Motorcycle Ride Day - 2021-10-09
What is National Motorcycle Ride Day?
Do you fancy yourself a motorhead? Does the wide-open road on a motorcycle get your engine running? October is the last time motorcyclists will get to ride for a while as Fall approaches. It is only fitting that there be a special day for bikers to get together for their last hoorah before the cold sets in. October is also the month in which John B. Dunlop created the first pneumatic tire in 1887. Motorcycle riders across the globe will tell you about the outstanding performance of this tire. It can improve your ride tenfold. The pneumatic tire changed the game for bikers everywhere. The tire can take on any sand, glass, and nails and is number one in safety. This National Motorcycle Ride Day organize a ride with a bike club or friends. Plan a solo ride and enjoy your own company for a while. Share pictures and stories about the day with #MotorcycleRideDay.
When is National Motorcycle Ride Day?
Bikers across the country gear up for a ride on the 2nd Saturday of October each year. In 2021, we can expect to see bikers in their droves on October 9th.
History of National Motorcycle Ride Day
Chad Geer of Dunlop Tire North America founded National Motorcycle Ride Day in 2015 to honor the invention of the pneumatic tire in October 1887.
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