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National Mousse Day - 2021-11-30
What is National Mousse Day?
The French word for chocolate mousse is "mousse au Chocolat." The United States first became acquainted with this dish at a Food Exposition held in New York City, and it was so popular that they took their show on an international level. Mousse is a dessert that's made of cream and eggs whipped until they're light, fluffy, and voluminous. Mousse often has other ingredients such as flavorings or brandy added for extra flair! Mousse's are a type of prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give a light and fluffy texture. They can range from sweet or savory, depending on preparation techniques. Mousses may be made with whipped cream as an ingredient but they also exist without any dairy at all!
When is National Mousse Day?
If you're looking for a great way to celebrate National Mousse Day on November 30th, then get ready because this year's special dish may be just what you need.
History of National Mousse Day
Choclate mousse is a term that originated in France and means 'chocolate foam.' It has only been found outside of Europe for the first time at Madison Square Garden, where it was introduced to Americans by Madame Choquette during an exposition held between 1892-1893.
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