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National Mulligan Day - 2021-10-17
What is National Mulligan Day?
If you play golf, you would be familiar with the term Mulligan. A Mulligan is a free hit after an unsuccessful golf shot. However, National Mulligan Day means something else entirely. The term mulligan achieved widespread use in the 1940s. People across America celebrate this national day to do something over and fight against any adversity they are facing. It is a second chance for everyone and a reminder to try again and never give up. Since it is a golfing term, why not throw a golf party on National Mulligan Day this year? Dress up, grab those putters, and head to the greens for a few whacks of the golf ball. Another way to observe National Mulligan Day is to give yourself a do-over on something that you have been putting off. Share your story and successes on social media using #MulliganDay.
When is National Mulligan Day?
Americans celebrate National Mulligan Day on October 17th annually.
History of National Mulligan Day
Daniel Rhodes of Hoover, Alabama proposed that National Mulligan Day be celebrated on October 17th to give everyone a second chance.
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