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National Mutt Day - 2021-12-02
What is National Mutt Day?
National Mutt Day is the perfect opportunity to find your next canine companion. Despite their lineage being unknown and features a bit murky, these animals are loyal companions that will not disappoint you with their love for life! National Mutt Day also brings attention to the many great mixed breed dogs in need of homes. These furry friends come from all different backgrounds and they're waiting for someone just like you!  
When is National Mutt Day?
National Mutt Day is a day that encourages us to have more love for our dogs, whether they are mixed breeds or just purebreds. This event takes place twice every year on December 2 so you can celebrate all of your pup's breed quirks!
History of National Mutt Day
Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige, founded National Mutt Day in 2005.
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