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National Neonatal Nurses Day - 2021-09-15
What is National Neonatal Nurses Day?
Caring for newborn babies - especially ones suffering illnesses, birth defects or heart problems - requires specialist training and skills. Babies can't communicate, of course. It is up to neonatal nurses to decipher what newborn infants need, how to best nurse them to health, and provide the love and touch to keep them healthy and happy. Without these nurses, many young babies would sadly not make a full recovery or survive without their specialized care. On September 15th, we recognize the efforts of neonatal nurses on National Neonatal Nures Day.
When is National Neonatal Nurses Day?
Every year on September 15th, we pay our respect to and honor the nurses caring for our most sensitive patients. National Neonatal Nurses Day is a recognition of their efforts.
History of National Neonatal Nurses Day
The National Association of Neonatal Nurses established National Neonatal Nurses Day in 2000 to showcase the work these specialists do every day.
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