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National Nevada Day - 2021-03-29
What is National Nevada Day?
The state of Nevada has its own holiday called National Nevada Day. The official goal of the holiday is to celebrate the inclusion of the state into the union, i.e., United States of America. The biggest carnival happens in Carson City, Nevada’s capital. In 1864, Nevada became the 36th state in the United States. The people of Nevada celebrate this event every year by visiting the capital and enjoying their heritage. Nevada is unique in that it is the only other state to be admitted to the Union during the Civil War, after West Virginia. In Nevada’s history, there was a time when the state lost its people. There were so few people that they didn’t even have 60,000 residents. In fact, they didn’t have enough residents to be a state for ten years! In 1864, Nevada became a state. In 1880, however, Nevada lost its population again. After that, it took Nevada 30 years to regain its population and become a state again. The government encourages its citizens to celebrate this day, which is also a state holiday. It's not only about the state's heritage but also about creating awareness among citizens. To ensure maximum participation, it changed the previous date of 31st October to last Friday of October every year. This way, citizens can enjoy a 3-day long weekend.
When is National Nevada Day?
Nevada Day celebrates the state annually on March 29th!
History of National Nevada Day
On March 29th, Nevada Day will celebrate the 36th state joining the Union.
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