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National New Hampshire Day - 2021-09-07
What is National New Hampshire Day?
On September 7th, we celebrate New Hampshire Day. This holiday celebrates the 9th state to join the Union. The Granite State has a lot of New England in it: breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history and people. New Hampshire is a place of many firsts. It was the first state to pass a law for religious freedom in 1719. It was the first US state to adopt a constitution in 1784. The state was also the first to give women the right to vote in 1866. In addition, New Hampshire is home to the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper, the Portsmouth Journal. The paper began in 1756 when John Langdon, who was later elected as President of New Hampshire, The apple is the state fruit of New Hampshire. It's no wonder that the state's people are experts in baking and cooking with apples. These cider donuts are a great example of their skills. They taste like fall!
When is National New Hampshire Day?
National New Hampshire Day is observed on September 7th.
History of National New Hampshire Day
On September 7th, we celebrate the 9th state to join the Union.
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