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National New York Day - 2021-09-21
What is National New York Day?
The Lenape people who once populated the land now known as New York are also known as Delaware Indians. They also populated New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware and Connecticut before the Europeans descended. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle here, and first named it New Netherlands. Due to its location, the state became home to many trading posts up and down the Hudson River. Eventually, the state changed hands between the British and the Dutch, and was named New York. When it came time to sign the Constitution, New York sent three delegates, and Alexander Hamilton was the only one who remained to sign the document.
When is National New York Day?
On September 21, we celebrate the state that was once home to the Lenape people, with National New York Day.
History of National New York Day
In 2017, National Day CalendarĀ® began celebrating each state in the order they entered the union starting the week of Independence Day and ending with Hawaii.
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