National Night Out Day

August 3, 2021

August 3 - National Night Out Day

What Is National Night Out Day?

The aim of National Night Out Day is to shine a light on the importance of community spirit. It is the responsibility of both the citizens and the police to protect the homes and businesses of the area. National Night Out Day is the day on which we shine a light on some of the amazing initiatives put forth and maintained by police, and learn what we can do to help make their jobs a little easier and our neighbourhoods even safer. While celebrations happen all over the country, one of the largest is in Columbus, Ohio, where the Ogden Block Watch organises an entire festival for the occasion. At the festival, importance is placed on improving the community, as well as having some fun.

When Is National Night Out Day?

The first Tuesday in August is observed as National Night Out Day which promotes good relations between police officers and community members.

History Of National Night Out Day

In the United States and Canada, National Night Out Day is sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. The day has been celebrated since at least 1984 and has recently grown to include the Dog Walker Watch, which adds almost 75 million pairs of eyes to the initiative.


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