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National No Beard Day - 2021-10-18
What is National No Beard Day?
The bigger the beard, the manlier the man, no? In this case, no. Beards have been a fashion trend for the last few decades. A beard holds a certain appeal to women. Before razors were invented, barbers maintained beards. They would shave your beard with a blade sharpened on a leather strap. All this changed in 1904 when Gillette introduced the first razor. 1930 saw another now-famous razor brand jumping onboard when Schick created the first electric razor. They called it the Schick Dry Shaver. National No Beard Day has become the day that men shave their beards off. You can visit a barber for a hot-shave experience or do it yourself. Shave off your beard and challenge your friends to do the same. Share before and after pics on your social media accounts to encourage others to do the same. Don’t forget to use #NoBeardDay when posting on social media.
When is National No Beard Day?
Men across America celebrate National No Beard Day on October 18th each year.
History of National No Beard Day
The origin of this day is unknown, but we will continue to do our research into who is behind this hair-free day.
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