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National No Housework Day -
What is National No Housework Day?
It's National No Housework Day. On this day, we can avoid household chores and do something we want to do instead. Maintaining a clean home can seem like an endless chore sometimes.It’s time to give your house a break. Don’t clean today. Leave the dishes in the sink, and don’t pick up the toys. Leave the books on the table, and let them sit there for a day. You can postpone all general cleaning for 24 hours. Stop cleaning. Vacuum time is over. Why? Because it’s date night! The dishes will still be dirty tomorrow, so let them wait. And get ready to do something you love with your family or significant other. Whether it’s a walk in the park or dinner at your favorite restaurant, go out and enjoy yourself.  
When is National No Housework Day?
History of National No Housework Day
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