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National Noodle Day - 2021-10-06
What is National Noodle Day?
Noodles, or pasta, form a large part of our diets no matter where we come from. From Ramen bowls to delicious baked macaroni and cheese, pasta is a favorite at any mealtime. A favorite among college students and children alike, pasta is a great go-to meal when you need to make something cheap and fast. Did you know that noodles or pasta are the most popular food in the world? October is the month dedicated to celebrating all things pasta, which is why it is only fitting that National Noodle Day is celebrated this month, too. Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes such as flat, round, twisted, sheets or even tubes. When Ramen was first created in Japan in 1958, it was six times more expensive than fresh pasta, but this has changed over the years, and you can now purchase a packet of Ramen for 16c. This National Noodle Day you can celebrate by making your own fresh pasta or attend a cooking class that teaches you to make various forms of pasta. Hosting a pasta dinner party is also a great idea.
When is National Noodle Day?
National Noodle Day is celebrated on October 6th.
History of National Noodle Day
While the origin of this day is unknown, we know that pasta was first brought to America by Thomas Jefferson in 1789 from France. We will continue to research the origin of National Noodle Day.
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