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National North Dakota Day - 2022-04-19
What is National North Dakota Day?
North Dakota is a beautiful and unique state which is why it deserves its own day. Every year, on April 19th, we celebrate North Dakota Day. We celebrate the state's sunflowers and buffalo monument. The state has one National Grassland and 18 State Parks. North Dakota is especially known for its badlands. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is named after the 26th US president, Theodore Roosevelt. In a speech, Roosevelt said that if it were not for his experience in North Dakota, he would not have been president. To commemorate North Dakota day, here are the history and importance of the national park. North Dakota Day is the perfect time to take a closer look at this state. It's full of history, culture, greenery, and outdoor activities. The Grand Forks' Outdoor Amphitheatre and the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora are must-sees.
When is National North Dakota Day?
Every year, April 19 is observed as National North Dakota Day.
History of National North Dakota Day
National South Dakota Day recognizes the 40th state to join the union.
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