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National Nude Day - 2021-07-14
What is National Nude Day?
To most of us, being nude is reserved for only our most private times. But to the nudists of the world, National Nude Day is the day to celebrate the naturist movement. Many of us are of the impression that nudists are inappropriate and "pery", but that is not the case, actually. Nudists, or naturists, just believe that the human body is most beautiful in its natural state, and they encourage the rest of us to feel the same about ourselves, whether we choose to display it or not. On National Nude Day, take the chance to truly observe and appreciate your own natural body for the wonder that it is.
When is National Nude Day?
National Nude Day is the perfect time to explore your naturist side, this July 14th!
History of National Nude Day
This national day has roots in New Zealand, though its exact origins are unknown.
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