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National Nut Day - 2021-10-22
What is National Nut Day?
Trail mix. Squirrel food. Bar food. Snack packs. No matter how - or who - enjoys nuts, everyone knows and loves them. High in energy, nuts are a primary source of nutrients for animals and people. They contain vitamins, protein, fiber, and essential minerals such as selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Nuts can be cooked, eaten raw, roasted, toasted, sprouted, pressed, and cracked. From oils for cooking to ingredients for cosmetics, nuts are used in more ways than you can imagine. Enjoy a packet of your favorite nuts on National Nut Day or share your recipes for nutty treats on social media with #NationalNutDay.
When is National Nut Day?
Have you ever thought about going on an all-almond diet? That diet's just nuts! On October 22nd we celebrate the healthy and nutritious snack that is the humble nut.
History of National Nut Day
National Nut Day was founded by Liberation Foods in 2016 to raise awareness for Fairtrade nut production and to promote healthy living.
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