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National Nylon Stocking Day - 2021-05-15
What is National Nylon Stocking Day?
The National Nylon Stocking Day is celebrated for remembrance of stockings and to know about the value of Nylon Stocking.
When is National Nylon Stocking Day?
National Nylon Stocking Day is celebrated on May 15th of every year.
History of National Nylon Stocking Day
Originally, before the 1890's, stockings were made of woven cloths like cotton, linen, wool, or silk. By 1920, women wore stocking to warm themselves; later it is used for hemlines of women’s dresses rose, then they wore stockings for covering their exposed legs. The stockings of 1920 are made up of silk or rayon later they started with nylon after 1940. Nylon was introduced by a chemical company in 1939, by DuPont’s as per the demand of stockings they manufactured nylon stockings. The true origin of this holiday is still unknown, though most women could agree that National Nylon Stocking Day is a day that is most definitely worth acknowledging.
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