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National Oatmeal Day - 2021-10-29
What is National Oatmeal Day?
For thousands of years, oats have been around and in use. The oldest known grains traceable to Egypt's 12th Dynasty are those that were cultivated by them - though not valued much by the Egyptians themselves they still managed to grow an impressive amount for their time period (around 2000 B.C.). Chinese people may even have had early knowledge about this cereal before then! Oats are among the healthiest grains on earth. They're gluten-free and provide important vitamins, minerals, fiber as well antioxidants that protect your body against disease while giving you energy for day-to-day activities with no crash later in the afternoon like many other types of food can cause! Studies show oats (and oatmeal) has many benefits such as weight loss, lower blood sugar levels reduced the risk of heart problems etc.. even if someone doesn't have any known medical condition these nutrients will help maintain a healthy lifestyle overall
When is National Oatmeal Day?
The annual National Oatmeal Day, on October 29th of each year, is a great time to celebrate one of life's most familiar foods.
History of National Oatmeal Day
The tradition began in 2009, when it was recognized by President Obama as a national holiday for all Americans to enjoy trayfuls upon trays!
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