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National Ohio Day - 2021-11-02
What is National Ohio Day?
Ohio is the 17th state to join the union on March 1st, 1803. We know it as the Buckeye state because of the many Buckeye trees along the borders of Ohio. Ohio is also famous as the birthplace of the Wright Brothers and aviation. It is currently home to seven American Presidents. On the Northern Border of Ohio, you will find 312 miles of the Lake Erie shoreline. It is the 12th largest lake in the world and an excellent food and water source for many. National Ohio Day was created to celebrate its joining of the union. You, too, can celebrate this day by learning more about Ohio’s history. Visit one of the museums and parks to experience the beauty of this glorious state. One must-see in Ohio is the Museum of the US Air Force. It houses space vehicles, space shuttles, and missile exhibits for everyone to enjoy. Post your pictures, facts, and more on social media using #NationalOhioDay.
When is National Ohio Day?
National Ohio Day is celebrated on November 2nd annually.
History of National Ohio Day
While we do not know the history behind National Ohio Day, we will continue to research its origins.
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