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National Online Learning Day - 2021-09-15
What is National Online Learning Day?
Knowledge is power. Online learning enables many more people access to further education. National Online Learning Day on September 15th raises awareness of the advantages of online learning in our fast-paced world. As our world becomes more and more advanced, there is an increased need for specialized skills in the job market. With a plethora of online courses available for just about anything you can think of, you can earn certificates, job-ready training, diplomas, and even degrees. However, that's not the only advantage of online learning. It allows for flexibility never possible with conventional schooling and studying: you can log into a training session, watch a recorded lecture, discuss elements with fellow students and lecturers - and all from the comfort of your home or office anytime you have an opportunity. Not everyone learns at the same speed, either: you can learn at your own speed, re-watch lecturers whenever you need to brush up or study further ahead with your tasks and projects. Most online learning platforms offer affordable tuition, too. As parents, online learning allows for a better connection with your child and their teachers. More and more, such education is being recognized and valued. Remember, not every child learns at the same speed or has the same learning abilities. On National Online Learning Day on September 15th, we praise and thank these online institutions, lecturers, and raise awareness for the advantages of online learning.
When is National Online Learning Day?
National Online Learning Day is observed on September 15th each year.
History of National Online Learning Day
National Online Learning Day has been celebrated since at least 2016, though we are unsure who invented it.
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