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National Online Recovery Day - 2021-09-22
What is National Online Recovery Day?
This national observance raises awareness for those of us who suffer with substance abuse disorders, and to educate the public on the range of treatment options available these days. For those who need it, there is online support available for the treatment of substance abuse disorders such as alcoholism or drug addiction. Other mental health issues can also be managed online, once you've found the right treatment centre. Online sessions offer a large range of benefits, such as reduced cost and increased privacy. They also allow for patients to overcome the societal pressure and stigma of going to therapy, as they don't necessarily have to tell anyone. It is important for us to make sure that more people are aware of this road to assistance, so that they may have access to it.
When is National Online Recovery Day?
National Online Recovery Day is observed on September 22nd of each year.
History of National Online Recovery Day
National Online Recovery Day was founded by Lionrock in 2020 to raise awareness of this amazing and adaptable approach to substance abuse recovery.
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