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National Only Child Day - 2022-04-12
What is National Only Child Day?
The National Only Child Day is celebrated every April 12. This is in complement with the National Siblings Day. Of course, what will people who are an only child of their parents do during the National Siblings Day? Hence, they should have a special day of celebration for themselves. It is a common misconception that only children are selfish, spoiled, and narcissistic. But most children who have grown up as only children feel lonely since they don’t have siblings to grow up with. While it is true that only children are the recipients of lots of attention, they also experience loneliness. It is time to end the stereotype about only children. They deserve to be treated like any other child. There are many good people in the world. Some of them are the only child of their parents. Many people celebrate National Only Child Day to show their love and appreciation to these special kids. They want to show that they are not alone in this world. Today, we celebrate the rise of only children. This day is not only about their numbers, but their strength, uniqueness, and pure independence.
When is National Only Child Day?
The National Only Child Day is celebrated every 12th of April each year.
History of National Only Child Day
National Only Child Day began in 2015.
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