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National Open the Magic Day - 2021-09-25
What is National Open the Magic Day?
Open the Magic Day is a national holiday in which teachers and parents read picture books to celebrate reading aloud. It brings together the joy of reading and the love of picture books, and it reminds people that picture books are for everyone. On September 25th, everyone reads a picture book (or many!) to celebrate Open the Magic Day. Everyone has a confetti moment waiting for them in picture books. This is the concept that lies at the heart of our new book. Picture books are for everyone, from two to two hundred years old. We all have a point in the story that brings us great joy and a sense of belonging. This is what we are celebrating with Open the Magic! On National Open The Magic Day, we should also thank the parents and teachers who do everything they can to help children become who they were meant to be. Every day they work together to give children the gift of reading. Their gift also helps to build a safe place for every child to feel loved.
When is National Open the Magic Day?
On September 25th and every day, Open the Magic!
History of National Open the Magic Day
In 2021, Courtney Hinshaw, founder of Ramona Recommends, will create a new holiday to encourage families to find magic in the everyday.
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