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National Orange Wine Day - 2021-10-06
What is National Orange Wine Day?
We all enjoy the occasional glass of wine. From red and white wine, Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc, we all have our favorite wine. But, did you know about Orange Wine? Orange Wine is made from white wine grapes that are fermented with grape skin contact, giving it a beautiful orange color. Orange wine is also called Amber, Ramato, and skin contact. It has a bolder flavor than white and red wine. You can find out more about orange by reading wine blogs or even visiting wineries where orange wine is created. Wine is also the perfect gift when you are invited to a dinner party or event. This National Orange Wine Day, you can celebrate by buying a bottle of orange wine from your favorite winery, or even booking a wine tasting with friends. Orange wine is the perfect wine to share with fellow wine connoisseurs.
When is National Orange Wine Day?
National Orange Wine Day is celebrated on October 6th.
History of National Orange Wine Day
Founded by The Real House Wine, a well-known wine blog, in 2018, National Orange Wine Day was created to bring about an awareness of this lesser known yet delicious wine.
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