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National Oregon Day - 2021-03-08
What is National Oregon Day?
On the 8th of March, Oregon Day is celebrated. This special holiday celebrates the Beaver State’s admission to the Union in 1859. Oregon has a very pleasant climate, but with extremes. It enjoys the warm Pacific air, but not as much as it would like. The Willamette Valley is lush and green, but other parts of Oregon are not quite so green. As early European explorers came to the Pacific Northwest, they discovered a land of many diverse populations. Some of these Native American tribes lived along the Columbia River Gorge and Klamath Basin. These tribes include the Nez Perce, Chinook, and Molalla. National Oregon Day is a good reason to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. You will be amazed at all of the marine life housed there. The aquarium is filled with different types of crabs, fishes, and other aquatic animals that can survive in waters that may be too hot or cold for you.
When is National Oregon Day?
National Oregon Day celebrates the state of Oregon on March 8th.
History of National Oregon Day
National Oregon Day recognizes the 33rd state to join the union.
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