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National Package Protection Day - 2021-12-01
What is National Package Protection Day?
On National Package Protection Day, homeowners are encouraged to stay alert during high delivery times. it's a time to remind us that package theft becomes more prevalent as the holidays approach. Cyber Monday shopping has become more popular than ever. It’s also made it easier for criminals to break into our homes and steal our packages. Cyber Monday shoppers are usually sent e-mails about their purchases, then have them shipped straight to their front doors. While this is incredibly convenient, it has also made it easier for criminals to find these packages and steal them right from your doorstep. Spread the word throughout your neighborhood about protecting packages and deliveries. Help your community be alert during the holidays. Whether you’re home or away, protect your packages and more.
When is National Package Protection Day?
Package Protection Day is observed on December 1st!
History of National Package Protection Day
Last year, Ring launched a holiday initiative called National Package Protection Day. It's a great way to raise awareness about the importance of package theft prevention.
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