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National Packaging Design Day - 2021-05-07
What is National Packaging Design Day?
National Packaging Design Day is a special day for all the packaging designers and those who admire beautiful, well-crafted packaging. This day is celebrated on May 7th each year. It is a good opportunity for the design community to come together and celebrate the art of packaging design. In the golden age of packaging, products are more than a way to protect and display. Packaging is the physical representation of a brand. It’s not just what’s on the shelf that matters, but how it’s presented and how it’s unveiled. It's not just the product. Packaging designers are artists who use the physical space to communicate the true meaning of a product beyond its utility. They layer textures, create anticipation, and orchestrate the process from sketch to shelf so that consumers are excited to open the packaging.  
When is National Packaging Design Day?
National Packaging Design Day is celebrated annually on May 7th.
History of National Packaging Design Day
Design Packaging, a company founded in 2015, created National Packaging Design Day to bring attention to packaging design. Presentation of the packages and products is just as important as the product itself.
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