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National Paperclip Day - 2021-05-29
What is National Paperclip Day?
Not much thought is given to this little curved piece of metal, but the humble little paperclip has its very own day to help us remember its usefulness in our lives. The paperclip keeps our papers together and helps us stay organized every day!
When is National Paperclip Day?
May 29th is National Paperclip Day.
History of National Paperclip Day
The origins of this day are still unknown. While many may have claimed earlier invention of the paperclip, according to the Early Office Museum, Samuel B. Fay received the first patent for a “bent wire paper clip” in the United States in 1867. The original intention of Fay’s clip was to attach tickets to fabric. However, U.S. patent 64,088 recognized that it could also be used to attach papers together.
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