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National Parfait Day - 2021-11-25
What is National Parfait Day?
Parfait is a frozen custard made by boiling eggs and sugar with heavy cream. In French, the word 'perfect' appropriately means just that - being fully cooked while still retaining its integrity as an ice-cream-based dessert served on top of fresh fruits or other toppings such as whipped cream for added decadence! What is the difference between a parfait and a trifle? A parfait is a layered dessert that's usually made with cake, fruit, and creamy filling. The difference between the two? A trifle is served in its own individual container while you eat from bowls together as part of one large meal; it can also be described by what ingredients are used- typically citrusy ones like oranges or lemons!
When is National Parfait Day?
National Parfait Day is celebrated to give people an excuse to eat their favorite ice cream!
History of National Parfait Day
The parfait was invented in France around 1890.
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