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National Paste-Up Day - 2021-05-07
What is National Paste-Up Day?
On May 7th, we celebrate National Paste Up Day. It was a time when publications were completed by hand, before digital imaging. Many workers were needed to paste up all the ads and photographs in magazines and newspapers. This day is also for remembering the people who did this work. In the past, a paste-up artist was responsible for cutting and arranging the text. This layout artist is responsible for not only placing headlines and other typographical elements, but also for preparing a publication. Paste-up artists have been replaced with modern technology, but their work lives on in the digital age. Journalists and writers know how to tell a story. But sometimes, they need help making it fit. Paste-up artists use precision tools like x-acto knives to make sure everything fits perfectly. And when the story is too long, they get rid of a few details to make it fit into the allotted space. In the printing world, pasting up is a lost art. Today, word processing is taking over, but the eye for detail has not been completely eradicated. From small newspapers to university presses, pasting up experience can be gained in a variety of ways.
When is National Paste-Up Day?
National Paste-Up Day is observed on May 7th!
History of National Paste-Up Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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