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National Pawnbrokers Day - 2021-12-06
What is National Pawnbrokers Day?
When you're in dire need of money, pawnbrokers are the people to go to. Pawnbrokers are not exactly a sign of success, but they have saved people's lives more than once. You may not want to go to a pawnbroker, but if you need money, you have no other option. Banks are too slow to make loans. Pawnbrokers provide quick cash. Pawnbrokers are a good thing. They keep you from having to endure family dinners where your uncle lectures you on how to manage your money. Still, many people don’t realize this, and they have a bad opinion of pawnbrokers. Pawnbrokers Day is here to change all that.  
When is National Pawnbrokers Day?
National Pawnbrokers Day is a day to honor those who work hard and provide such an important service on December 12th.
History of National Pawnbrokers Day
This National Day is celebrated on International St. Nickolas, the patron saint of pawnbroking and gambling!
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