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National Peanut Brittle Day - 2022-01-26
What is National Peanut Brittle Day?
Brittle is a candy made of sugar and peanuts. It is made by melting the sugar, adding nuts to it, and then pouring it onto a flat surface such as granite or marble. The candy cools into a hard, brittle treat that is broken into smaller pieces. Some of the best brittles are hand-stretched into a thin, easily cracked candy that melts in your mouth. Some believe that peanut brittle originated in the American South because of the popularity of peanuts at the time. Because peanut farming was so popular, coupled with the fact that Civil War soldiers survived on peanuts due to their protein content, it's likely that someone made peanut brittle during this time. Another version credits a Southern woman for accidentally inventing the candy.
When is National Peanut Brittle Day?
National Peanut Brittle Day is observed on January 26th, this day has been set aside to honor the tasty treat that peanut brittle has become.
History of National Peanut Brittle Day
National Peanut Brittle Day is observed on January 26th. This holiday celebrates the candy that is made from peanuts, sugar and corn syrup. This day commemorates the first time that peanut brittle was made in 1828 by Dr. James Ambrose Cutting of Connecticut, who used peanuts instead of pecans.
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