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National Pecan Pie Day - 2021-07-12
What is National Pecan Pie Day?
Pecan pie is considered a specialty of Southern United States cuisine. Made of a pie crust filled with syrupy pecan nuts, the pie is sweet and crunchy and wholly delicious. The earliest recorded recipe is from 1897, though there are claims that the pie existed well before it was ever written down. What is your family's favourite pecan pie recipe? Share your wonderful creations on social media using #NationalPecanPieDay.
When is National Pecan Pie Day?
The pecan pie finally gets the appreciation it deserves on Pecan Pie Day, July 12th!
History of National Pecan Pie Day
We are unsure of who exactly created this national holiday, but we're so glad they did. We will keep you updated on any progress!
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