National Pen Pal Day

June 1, 2021

June 1 - National Pen Pal Day

What Is National Pen Pal Day?

National Pen Pal Day is the perfect time to show appreciation to your pen pals. If you haven’t already got one, this is the perfect time to get one! Pen pals are great in so many ways, including giving us a wider world view and helping to improve our writing skills. That being said, they deserve all kinds of appreciation!

When Is National Pen Pal Day?

June 1st of every year is National Pen Pal Day.

History Of National Pen Pal Day

Rosie Tholl, pen pal enthusiast, established National Pen Pal Day after she learned of all the benefits and fun of having a pen pal. Rosie travelled all over the world to meet her pen pals and encourages others to do the same.


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