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National Pepperoni Pizza Day - 2021-09-20
What is National Pepperoni Pizza Day?
Pepperoni Pizza Day is the celebration of the most popular pizza in the world. The day is marked by all age groups and is a time for everyone to enjoy this classic favorite. If you are looking to order pizza, you probably want pepperoni. This topping is the most popular on pizza, no matter how you like it. Whether you are in Chicago or New York, looking for a thin crust or deep-dish pie, pepperoni will always be the best choice. Esposito created the first pizza in 1889. The Queen of Italy inspired Esposito so much that he created the pizza in the shape of a pie, which he named Pizza Margherita. To honor her, he put tomatoes, basil, and cheese on the pie. The colors of the ingredients represent the Italian flag. Since then, the pizza industry has evolved. It includes dozens of toppings from anchovies and pineapple to sausage and bacon. However, pepperoni remains the most popular. Italian-Americans developed it through time-honored sausage-making techniques. They season pork and beef sausage to be smoked and cured. Once the product is ready to be sliced, it’s placed on a delicious pie and baked.
When is National Pepperoni Pizza Day?
National Pepperoni Pizza Day is celebrated annually on September 20!
History of National Pepperoni Pizza Day
We have been unable thus far to find the creator of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted.
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