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National Personal Space Day - 2021-11-30
What is National Personal Space Day?
Space is a precious and necessary thing. The need for it varies from person to person, but we all have an extended personal space that needs protecting when in contact with others or certain things can be too much - usually without even knowing why! National Personal Space Day is a day that allows people the chance to alter their perspective on personal space. The symbol of this event may be new, but it's actually very old-fashioned: for centuries now we've been warning each other about how close or far away from someone else you should stand in order not make them feel uncomfortable!
When is National Personal Space Day?
National Personal Space Day is a day to promote kindness and understanding toward sensitivities. This November 30th, we should take time out of our busy lives for self care by acknowledging that everyone has the right not only when they are touched but also how often it happens in order heal from past or present trauma respectively!
History of National Personal Space Day
Founded on National Personal Space Day (NPPD) 2019 by GiveSpace \ Love of Peach, LLC—a company dedicated to promoting awareness about these boundaries-this symbol communicates your desire for caution around those who don't understand its power as well you do.
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