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National Philanthropy Day - 2021-11-15
What is National Philanthropy Day?
For over three decades, National Philanthropy Day has been celebrated to inspire people around the world. The first observance took place on November 15th, 1986 when then-US President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation recognizing this day as an opportunity for Americans' generosity and empathy toward those less fortunate than themselves. It was founded by Orange County resident Douglas Freeman with support from other philanthropists like him who wished that there were more occasions during which citizens could come together in acts of kindness rather than merely donating money or time without any tangible results.
When is National Philanthropy Day?
The NPD is a day that celebrates all the great work done in giving back to those who deserve it. Officially recognized each year on November 15th.
History of National Philanthropy Day
National Philanthropy Day is officially registered with the USPTO and U.S Department of Commerce, as well has having an awesome song all its own! The National Anthem to this day in America (and most other countries), "Now More Than Ever," was written by Marvin Hamlisch.
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