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National Pickle Day - 2021-11-14
What is National Pickle Day?
The festival has a whole range of unusual and delicious treats to sample. One such treat is deep-fried pickles, which are doused in beer batter before being pan-fried until golden brown. And if that's not enough for your taste buds there will also be chocolate-covered gherkins on offer as well! National Pickle Day is on November 14th and it was created to celebrate the deliciousness that comes from fermentation. Fermentation has been around for centuries, but this year Americans are celebrating National Pickle Day in style!  
When is National Pickle Day?
National Pickle Day is observed every year on November 14. It's a day for people to get together and enjoy their favorite pickles, whether they be dill hot dogs or sweet relishes!
History of National Pickle Day
Pickling likely first originated in ancient Mesopotamia around 2400 BCE. There is archaeological evidence of cucumbers being pickled as far back at 2030 BCE, and they've been preserved for out-of season use and long journeys ever since!
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