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National Piercing Day - 2021-05-16
What is National Piercing Day?
Body piercings in the modern world are a form of self expression. While the most common type of piercing is that of the earlobe, body piercing also extends to other parts of the body. From head to toe, humans have been adding jewelry and other decorations by puncturing their skin. They add chains and other ornamentation as well. The procedures are often painful, though temporarily. With proper care, the wounds heal without infection. This day is a celebration of the art form that is body piercing.
When is National Piercing Day?
National Piercing Day on May 16th, promotes piercing as well as its history and culture.
History of National Piercing Day
While body piercing has had a popular resurgence in recent years, its history dates back to biblical times. Piercing the lobe of the ear is thought to be the oldest form of body piercing. However, it is by no means the only form of ancient body piercing art. Not only is it considered artistic expression but in many cultures, piercing holds great meaning in religious ceremonies. The practice of body piercing also has shown to be an effective medical treatment for some ailments, such as migraines.
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