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National Pierogi Day - 2021-10-08
What is National Pierogi Day?
If you've ever eaten a pierogi, you'll immediately understand why we have national day for it. The Pierogi, or Polish Dumpling, is a delicious and delectable dumpling. There are many ways to eat a pierogi - sweet or savory. Eastern Europeans introduced pierogis to the US. By the 60s, they were so popular that grocery stores everywhere offered them, too. Pierogis are such a hit that folks in Whiting, Indiana actually host an annual pierogi festival in July. We support this idea, too! On National Pierogi Day, join in the celebrations and tip your hat to the Polish dumpling we love. You can also make pierogis for your friends and family.
When is National Pierogi Day?
October 8th is the day we honor the humble pierogi on National Pierogi Day.
History of National Pierogi Day
We don't know the origin of National Pierogi Day, but we'll continue to research and update when we have more information.
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