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National Pina Colada Day - 2021-07-10
What is National Pina Colada Day?
A Pina Colada is a pineapple and coconut flavoured cocktail with a base of rum. The name translates literally to "strained pineapple" in reference to the fresh pineapple that is mixed with coconut cream to create the drink. Pina Coladas conjure up images of sunny beaches and summer vibes and are a tried and true summer tradition. It seems to have been invented in 1922, though the creator is unknown. And if you are alcohol-free, do not fret! You too can celebrate the wonder of the Pina Colada with all kinds of flavoured candies or desserts.
When is National Pina Colada Day?
On July 10th, we put aside all our worries and celebrate a sweet, tropical inspired cocktail: the pina colada!
History of National Pina Colada Day
We are continuing to research the origins of this national day, but we will be sure to keep you posted!
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