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National Pinot Noir Day - 2021-08-18
What is National Pinot Noir Day?
Pinot Noir is one of the most popular wines available in this day. As it has a high acidity and lower tannins, Pinot Noir complements a variety of foods very nicely. Pinot Noir is made using red wine grapes, with hints of cherry and raspberry, and some flowers. It is mostly produced in France, which produces more Pinot Noir than any other country or region. The quality of soil, climate, and season all impact the flavour of the wine. On this day, for Pinot Noir to be celebrated, take a moment to learn more about the history of the wine and the regions in which it is produced. Learn, as well, more about how to pair the wine with certain foods and flavours, and how to serve it. Take the opportunity of this day to go for a nice wine tasting, too.
When is National Pinot Noir Day?
On August 18th, we celebrate a delicious and versatile wine, Pinot Noir.
History of National Pinot Noir Day
We are continuing to research the origins and invention of this national day.
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