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National Play Day with Dad - 2021-11-25
What is National Play Day with Dad?
No matter what else life throws at you- being both father and mother simultaneously seems too easy compared with all those who have succeeded before us! But it's not just being good enough which is key here; excellence can make even more of an impact than one might think--especially when they're doing so well by our kids every single day... We all know that being a dad is an important role, but did you also realize how much it teaches our children? Fathers provide the foundation for lifelong learning and memories.  
When is National Play Day with Dad?
In honor of National Play Day, On November 25th we encourage fathers to spend the day focused on fun with their kids. It's a time for you and your child or children that will always remain youthful no matter what else life throws at them!
History of National Play Day with Dad
Share Our Style Foundation has invented National Play Day With Dad in 2019 to remind fathers that their most important role, as a superhero (or "dad"), will always be there for your children.
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