National Play-Doh Day

September 16, 2021

September 16 - National Play-Doh Day

What Is National Play-Doh Day?

Squish it, stretch it, roll it, squeeze it: Play-Doh is irresistable to play with. Did you know that it was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner, though? We’re delighted that someone began to play with it and transform this into one of the most significant childrens’ toys in the world. Play-Doh is actually a modelling clay invented by Noah McVicker in the 1930s as a solution to clean wallpapers. However, it didn’t quite go according to plan for McVickers: his invention soon proved to be a better toy than a cleaning product. Play-Doh is soft and malleable – and non-toxic for children. The patent for Play-Doh was filed in 1958 and granted in 1965, at which point McVicker’s company was owned by General Mills. Today, Play-Doh is offered in countless colours and playsets and can be used to make and form just about thing in any shape. It has proven to be a great tool to help children develop their creativity and imagination – and it doesn’t get less fun as you grow up! To prove this, Play-Doh was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998. Play-Doh Compound (as it is officially named) is the #1 reusable modelling clay with over 100 million cans produced each year. It is so popular that its name is used colloquially, even for other brands of modelling clay! You don’t get bigger than that. On September 16th 2006, the current owners of Play-Doh, Hasbro, created National Play-Doh Day to honor its 50th anniversary. Later in 2015 it was made World Play-Doh Day.

When Is National Play-Doh Day?

On September 16th, we celebrate children’s favourite clay with National Play-Doh Day.

History Of National Play-Doh Day

The world-famous toy company Hasbro, which are the current owner of Play-Doh, has recognized National Play-Doy Day since 2006.


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