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National Play Outside Day - 2021-11-06
What is National Play Outside Day?
When last have you played outside? Like actually PLAYED outside. No, we are not talking about sitting in the garden watching the kids play. It is time to ditch the electronics, head outside, and play a game or two with your children. There are so many benefits of playing outside. Fresh air helps clear our minds, gives us energy and is a terrific way to spend quality time with the family. National Play Outside Day encourages people across America to get out and enjoy nature. Take a walk, teach your child to play games from your childhood, or pack a picnic basket to enjoy in one of the many parks around America. Get away from the hum-drum routine of everyday life and enjoy the little moments. Post your pictures and share your favorite childhood games on social media using #PlayOutsideDay.
When is National Play Outside Day?
Young and old come together to celebrate National Play Outside day on the first Saturday of every month. In November, grab your balls and hats, and head outside on November 6th.
History of National Play Outside Day
Aaron Wiggens and Rhonda D. Abetya founded National Play Outside Day in 2011 as a reminder to get outside and explore the beauty of nature.
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