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National Polar Bear Day - 2022-02-27
What is National Polar Bear Day?
Polar bears are the largest land carnivores on Earth. They roam over vast areas and can travel 600,000 sq km in a lifetime to find mates and food. (That's bigger than the entire United Kingdom!) Polar bears can reach 9 feet tall and 1400 pounds. They use their large paws to swim as they paddle. Polar bears are powerful swimmers, and some of them travel hundreds of miles from land. Some may float on ice sheets to help them travel long distances. Polar bears are a species of marine mammals that have a thick layer of body fat and a water-repellent coat. They live in the icy cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. Unfortunately, their habitat is disappearing. On the 21st of every February, we celebrate International Polar Bear Day, which is an important opportunity for us to think about what we can do to save them.
When is National Polar Bear Day?
National Polar Bear Day is celebrated on February 27th.
History of National Polar Bear Day
Polar Bears International sponsors National Polar Bear Day.
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